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When the President Lead the Country by Twitter

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Wednesday, August 24, 2011 | 11:23 PM

Who said using Twitter is a waste of time? Hugo Chavez, a Venezuelan President actually take advantage of these microblogging site as a communication tools with his ministers. When he was in Cuba to treat his cancer, Chavez was known using Twitter to provide guidance to country programs and he also gave moral support to the football team who are following the Copa America in Argentina.

Through his Twitter account, “chavezcandanga” Chavez actively communicate with his cabinet. He also had to provide a number of decisions on certain issues. Like: waste collection projects worth $ 51 million.

In addition allowing him to continue to lead the country, Chavez also use Twitter to stay exist in the public, especially in front of his citizen. While now began to seek a new presidential candidate. When the news was revealed, his Twitter account has more than 1.8 million followers.

Chavez was in Cuba since June 20 last to undergo surgical removal of tumors. Chavez decided to stay in Cuba until he completed a series of chemotherapy. From this case we know that microblogging like twitter  help our job, even for the president task.

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Air Swimmers, a Flying Shark

Have you ever seen a flying shark. You may find kind of this shark only from this blog. That’s one make this shark is so unique, it can fly around your house. You may don’t see the real shark  here with sharp teeth. But this shark is just a remote control. If you get bored with usual remote control like plane or helicopter. So, Air Swimmers is a good choice for you.

Air Swimmer is a remote control model with shark shaped. This toy will float on the air and can be controlled via remote control. These fish will drive around the house to find fresh meat. But the most interesting is you can play this toy with other family members.

Controller: Infra-red
Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
Range: Up to 40 feet
Length (with tail): 57 inches
Height (with fins): 36 inches

How to play it? It’s just like a balloon. You need to fill out the "fish" with helium so that it can float in the air. There are two types of Air Swimmer, clownfish and sharks. But the helium can be stand for almost a week. So you can freely to use and play this shark.

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The Benefit of Longan Fruit

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 8:09 AM

This time we will up close and personal with longan fruit. Longan fruit is actually a tropical fruit. We can found this fruit in Southeast Asia. With sweet taste this fruit contain many vitamins and mineral as well. This is totally useful for our health. There are several substance inside longan fruit, like: sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, acid tartarik, and chemicals plants (phytochemicals). The combination of these phytochemical compounds gave various benefits, like: relaxing the nerves.

Longan fruit also has benefit in calming effect and are useful to overcome anxiety, insomnia. Other resources said that this fruit came from China mainland and it has the same family with rambutan and lychees. Some of us use this fruit as a dessert.

Other benefit of longan fruit are good for healthy heart and can treat heart pounding. A study was shown that longan fruit work to strengthen the spleen, increases production of red blood, increase appetite, and increase energy. So, it’s good to be consumed by people who are in the process of stamina recovery after illness.

Longan fruit is good to nourish the intestinal and the absorption process, launched urination, overcome worms, nourish the eyes, treat headaches, vaginal discharge and hernia problem. The longan root is also useful for blood circulation, even the longan leaf work as anti-inflammatory and fever reducer. The Longan seeds are useful to relieve pain and stop bleeding. The longan seed also  useful as material for washing hair shampoo, because it contains saponin compounds that can produce foam in large quantities.

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FIZZ Saver, a Special Dispenser for Soft Drink Lovers

There are many creative people to make something useful for human life. They create something unique, but actually useful for us. This time we talk about product design. There’s a new product for soft drink lovers. It’s so refreshing use this device in a hot day or in summer. Actually this is a simple product which seems to be needed by many people, especially for those of who like to drink soda.

We called this FIZZ Saver. Fizz Saver is a special dispenser for soft drinks in bottles that will not only make it easy in pouring a drink but maintaining the quality of soft drinks at the same time. When we usually always worried that the soft drinks will be lost sense of soda because the lid has opened, Fizz Saver has function to make sure the soda will still be there even if it's open. That's why many people will love this product, especially in red color.

Fizz Saver sizes is small enough to make us easily to put it in the refrigerator together with soft drinks. Don't worry about the price. Fizz Saver is also sold quite cheap about $ 10. From the pictures we can see how this stuff easy to install and easy to use. Hopefully this information is very useful for us. Happy drinking!

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Holographic Cervice in Airport

Technology has a purpose to help human task. Holographic technology is one example of future technology. We can usually saw this on the science fiction movie. It seems that holographic technology will be placed at the airport. It’s like a virtual employee. Previously technology has been practiced at Manchester Airport and Luton Airport, holographic technology that will replace the duty of human also appeared at Paris Airport.

The test has been conduct at the boarding gate. This technology is quite simple. The holographic employee provides important information to the passengers. Unfortunately this technology isn’t real time where this employee can give a feed back or do some conversations with the passenger.

Holographic employee can only provide information that has been recorded but they could not be asked by passengers about other things. How about the advantage of this technology? It’s looks more interesting to be watched than the TV screen and certainly will not get tired standing all day. From the picture we can see how this technology attract visitors or the passengers who just passing through.

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Samsung NC215S, Netbook With Solar Power

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Sunday, August 14, 2011 | 1:47 AM

Global warming isn't just world's issue, but we should care about this. How do we make an alternative energy as a replacement for the existing energy? We know that the existing energy will expire if it isn’t renewed. Actually there are many types of alternative energy we can use to solve the problem. Like: wind, water, and sunshine. Now we talk about solar power. This energy absolutely free and we can get directly from the sun. Now, we can apply this on laptop, if before we see this energy applied in the car, and other device.

We know how difficult to carry a charger for our laptop during the trip. Samsung has released the latest Netbook products which is use solar power. According to Samsung official, he said this netbook will launched in the United States. He called this Samsung NC215S.

Samsung NC215S equipped with 10.1 inches screen with the resolution acuity reaches 1024 x 600 pixels. NC215S has Dual-core processor and 1GB RAM, still add with Intel Atom n570 processor. This netbook is guaranteed will run quickly. Meanwhile, to capture solar power, Samsung designed in front side casing with solar cells to capture sunlight and convert it into energy. These sollar cells has function to replace the battery.

If we put the netbook under the sun for 2 hours, it will increase the battery energy for 1 hour. Actually C215S has been introduced at the event of Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi who didn’t have the power resources but rich in sun resources. This netbook will sold in the market with a price range of about $ 399.

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Six Reasons Why We should Eating Eggs

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Sunday, August 7, 2011 | 5:28 PM

Egg is one of favorite food for us. We all may familiar with egg. As a protein source, egg has many advantages. The most complete amino acid content among other food, like: fish, meat, chicken, tofu, etc. Egg is also has a delicious flavor. We can find this in several food processing. Other reason why people love egg are the affordable price and easy to find this in the market. Almost many people need the eggs.

Egg is very delicious, especially the yolk. No wonder if people are happy to process the eggs become delicious food. If you are still doubt to eat eggs because of cholesterol goes up, there are six things you can consider it again:

  • Source of protein. Eggs are a natural source of protein, even is one of the highest quality proteins. This food provides all the amino acids needed by our bodies. 
  • Energy source. Need a quick breakfast? Take the boiled eggs. Research shows that eating high protein foods for breakfast, like eggs, can help you feel more energetic. The benefit of breakfast itself is to improve memory and enhance concentration. 
  • Eggs are good for the heart. Research has been conducted for over 30 years concluded that adults can enjoy eggs without affecting the risk of heart disease and they still healthy.
  • Easy cooking. We can make delicious food by using eggs. Simple breakfast is a good choice for us, like: boiled egg or scrambled egg. 
  • Good for fetus development. Eggs are a source of Choline. Choline is an essential nutrient for the development of the fetus and infant. Pregnant women who get enough Choline in their menu could help reduce the risk of certain birth for babies, and support brain development and memory.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals. An egg has 13 essential vitamins and minerals in varying amounts. An egg also contains 70 calories.

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A Big Face in the Cloud

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Saturday, August 6, 2011 | 1:34 AM

We can’t predict everything, because God has a role to control about what will happen on this earth. This is related with natural phenomenon, like a storm. But who knows that God will show something to us. He wants us to believe his power and it shown that he is really exist. How is this really happen? Do you believe this? To prove the miracle of God, let me show to all of you about something weird appear on the sky. Are you curious? Please continue to read....

Courtesy by: http://www.dailymail.com
Denis Farmer was shocked to saw a big face shaped in the cloud during a storm covered on the sky above the city of Grand Falls, Canada. At that time, Denis was in his backyard. Suddenly, there’s a very dark clouds in the sky with lightning strikes. He didn’t want to waste this phenomenon and he began to record the event with his video camera. He also took the initiative to upload to Youtube.

Actually, Denis was not only a person in capturing a big face in the sky. There are numerous people who documenting the same incident. Denis admitted, during the recording he was amazed. He said, “The big face formed between the dark clouds. Profiles face appeared complete with a sharp nose, eyes, and there looks like a smiling mouth, “ as quoted by Dailymail, Wednesday (4/8/2011).


Unfortunately the shape of the face occurred in just seconds. The clouds continued to move and the clouds were slowly disappeared. The clips that were uploaded by Denis has been viewed 19.347 times since Monday, August 1.

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Lithuanian Mayor Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank

What would happen if a Mayor socializes ads through youtube? This is happen in Lithuania. It is a country in Northern Europe with Vilnus as the capital of Lithuania. Citizens must obey the rules that have been made. What happens if this rule is violated? A mayor in Lithuania made a rule to ban parking with extreme way. Arturas Zuokas (fourty three years old), a mayor of Vilnius (Lithuania's capital city) is very angry looking at a luxury vehicles parking in the city's bike lanes. So what did he do? By using a military tank from Russia and then he began to crush a Mercedes-Benz S-Class which is parked at the roadside and covered the zebra crossing and bicycle lanes in the city of Vilnius.

 This extreme way has been done because the number of vehicles which parked illegally and it make the Mayor very angry. This rule was socialized through advertising on YouTube which is certainly making his citizens don’t want to park illegally. Because if it is still violated, then the consequences in like on the video. Hopefully the citizen will think twice to break the rule. 

He said, “I can’t let this happen while my citizen parked his luxury vehicles on bicycle lanes and zebra crossing. This tank is a wonderful tool to solve problems for parking violations. This will happen if you park illegally. You must have a sense of humor at work and I think this is a great way to attract the attention of the citizen in order to pro-actively against illegal parking.” Please watch the video below.

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