FIZZ Saver, a Special Dispenser for Soft Drink Lovers

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 7:12 AM

There are many creative people to make something useful for human life. They create something unique, but actually useful for us. This time we talk about product design. There’s a new product for soft drink lovers. It’s so refreshing use this device in a hot day or in summer. Actually this is a simple product which seems to be needed by many people, especially for those of who like to drink soda.

We called this FIZZ Saver. Fizz Saver is a special dispenser for soft drinks in bottles that will not only make it easy in pouring a drink but maintaining the quality of soft drinks at the same time. When we usually always worried that the soft drinks will be lost sense of soda because the lid has opened, Fizz Saver has function to make sure the soda will still be there even if it's open. That's why many people will love this product, especially in red color.

Fizz Saver sizes is small enough to make us easily to put it in the refrigerator together with soft drinks. Don't worry about the price. Fizz Saver is also sold quite cheap about $ 10. From the pictures we can see how this stuff easy to install and easy to use. Hopefully this information is very useful for us. Happy drinking!

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