The Benefit of Longan Fruit

Written By Dwi Prasetio on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 | 8:09 AM

This time we will up close and personal with longan fruit. Longan fruit is actually a tropical fruit. We can found this fruit in Southeast Asia. With sweet taste this fruit contain many vitamins and mineral as well. This is totally useful for our health. There are several substance inside longan fruit, like: sucrose, glucose, protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin B, acid tartarik, and chemicals plants (phytochemicals). The combination of these phytochemical compounds gave various benefits, like: relaxing the nerves.

Longan fruit also has benefit in calming effect and are useful to overcome anxiety, insomnia. Other resources said that this fruit came from China mainland and it has the same family with rambutan and lychees. Some of us use this fruit as a dessert.

Other benefit of longan fruit are good for healthy heart and can treat heart pounding. A study was shown that longan fruit work to strengthen the spleen, increases production of red blood, increase appetite, and increase energy. So, it’s good to be consumed by people who are in the process of stamina recovery after illness.

Longan fruit is good to nourish the intestinal and the absorption process, launched urination, overcome worms, nourish the eyes, treat headaches, vaginal discharge and hernia problem. The longan root is also useful for blood circulation, even the longan leaf work as anti-inflammatory and fever reducer. The Longan seeds are useful to relieve pain and stop bleeding. The longan seed also  useful as material for washing hair shampoo, because it contains saponin compounds that can produce foam in large quantities.

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